The scientific magazine "Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin" publishes articles and materials in the following directions:

  1. the Humanities;
  2. Psychological-Pedagogical Sciences.

Main headings of the magazine:

  • Russian History
  • World History
  • Linguistics
  • Literary Criticism
  • Cultural Science
  • Study of Local Lore
  • General Pedagogics. Pedagogics and Education History
  • Theory and Ways of Training and Up-Bringing
  • Correctional Pedagogics
  • Theory and Ways of Training Physical Training
  • Theory and Ways of Training Professional Education
  • Further Education
  • General Psychology
  • Pedagogical Psychology
  • Chronicle and Information.

Periodicity of the edition – four editions a year.


+7 4852 72-64-05

Please, send materials to be published in the scientific magazine “Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin” to the following address: Editor Marina Aleksandrovna Krotova Write