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Sosnovtseva Stepanida Anatolievna

Deputy Manager of the Printing and Publication Department 32-98-69 Pervushina Olga Vladimirovna

Publishing Activity of YSPU named after  K.D. Ushinsky: History and Development Prospects

The publishing activity of  Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University has been developed since the beginning of foundation of the higher education institution.

Opening of the Teacher's Institute in 1908 promoted revival of the scientific thought in Yaroslavl therefore in the 10-s years of the XX century on the basis of the Institute the publication of scientific and educational and pedagogical magazines was started with the help  of teachers and high school teachers. Authors of scientific publications of these magazines actively cooperated in other educational magazines in the Yaroslavl and Moscow provinces. Thus, the magnificent scientific potential of  Yaroslavl scientists together with the gained publishing experience had a fundamental meaning for the Publishing Department of the higher education institution.

From the moment of formation of the Publishing Department (RIO) in Yarpedinstitut and till nowadays the purpose of its work is to develop scientific and scientific-methodical thoughts of the Yaroslavl Region and its Pedagogical University, and its basic goal is to provide teachers, students of the higher education institution, teachers of the city and village with scientific, educational and methodical publications.

All chairs and departments of the higher education institution always took part in development of scientific and educational and educational work of RIO. From the very beginning of the scientific activity of the Teachers’ Institute  scientific conferences were of great importance for development of RIO as upon completing of them the publishing house published a series of thematic collections of scientific works.

Ten issues of "Works of  Yaroslavl Teachers’ Training Institute" published in 1926 — 1929 were the result of  maturity of the Institute, scientific interests of its faculty and RIO. The first two issues had an all-institute character, the next four issues corresponded to the profile of departments of the Institute and, besides, four issues were monographs.

"Works" of the Institute reflected the scientific directions of the researches done by the leading scientists of the higher education institution. Later "Works" started to be called as "Scientific Notes".

Nowadays  Yaroslavl Pedagogical University together with the Department of Education of the region issues a quarterly scientific and methodical magazine "Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin" which has a signature stamp of the Russian Academy of Education.

"News and problems of education", "New researches", "Pedagogics and psychology", "Scientists to practicians", "Pedagogical experience", "Young researchers  to school", "Study of the local lore" — these are some of its constant headings. They reflect a wide range of scientific researches and practical development of scientists of our higher education institution and many Russian and foreign scientific centers. The magazine constantly gives a chance to teachers of teachers’ training colleges and school teachers to publish their materials.

In 1997 "Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin" (two issues) received a grant of the Soros Fund of 10 thousand dollars to publish two issues.

In 2003 The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of the Press, Television and Radio Broadcasting and  Mass Communication Media granted  Yaroslavl Pedagogical University the certificate on registration of "Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin". In 2004 the magazine is included into the Catalogue of  subscription of Rospechat. Today RIO of YSPU is  working to include the magazine into the list of the periodic scientific and scientific-pedagogical editions issued in the Russian Federation where the publication of the main results of the theses to get the academic degree of the Doctor of science is recommended.

The publishing activity of the University since the beginning of the foundation of RIO has never stopped. Even in days of the Great Patriotic War, despite difficulties, RIO  kept on working and  mastering in publishing skills. In 1943-1945 RIO issued 5 volumes of "Scientific notes". Those were collections of articles on mathematical, natural and geographical, pedagogical and other disciplines and 64 articles were published there. During that period six popular scientific brochures  were published.

The Teachers’ Institute had no own printing base till 1960, all scientific, educational, methodical works and magazines were printed in Poligrafkombinat and in other printing houses of Yaroslavl and its region.

The printing base of the Institute started from the second-hand rotaprint which continually was standing idle therefore printing practice began with technical difficulties, they made RIO  print works "in other companies". But technical problems didn't stop work of RIO and didn't break its plans, moreover, in 60-s of the XX century active development of the publishing activity in the higher education institution started.

In the early sixties in own printing house of RIO about 100-150 works with a total amount more than 100 printed pages annually came out. In 1970-1975 the staff of the Institute published about 900 works —  2000 printed pages, in 1976-1980 — 840 issues of 1500 printed pages, in 1981-1985 41 collections of scientific works and 13 manuals totaling 400 printed pages were published, the publication of in-house  educational and methodical literature had broad development (80 — 90 issues, 100 — 120 publisher's signatures a year).

In 1990-s when book publishing in Russia occurred in market relations, and many enterprises, organizations of the country had to  survive, RIO of the University passed to self-financing. At the expense of third-party orders (blanks production to the enterprises of the Yaroslavl region was generally printed) the output was increased.

In 1997-1998 the annual release  of planned issues of the University: monographs, manuals, methodical recommendations was 300 — 350 printed pages.

Practice of cost-accounting relations didn't bring any cardinal progressive changes in the scientific and organizational, technical and technological activity of RIO, it succeeded to keep afloat, and it was important in the 90-s. Therefore today, remaining to be on cost-accounting relations, RIO  of YSPU as well as 15 years ago continues purposeful work on prime release of scientific, educational and educational-methodical publications. Since 2000 the average amount of publications in RIO is about 150 scientific, educational and educational-methodical publications with the total amount more than 450 printed pages.

The publishing activity of our higher education institution was always at the high level: publications of its teachers are not only deeply scientific, but also are faultless in the literary aspect.

In the sixties literary editing of the issues of the Institute was carried out by Kaleriya Sergeevna Kruchinina. From 1968 to 1971 Galina Pavlovna Kargina was the editor of "Scientific Notes of YSPI". In 1975 Editor Elvira Mikhaelovna Sorina started to work in the publishing house. From 1995 to May, 2005 editing of educational and methodical works of the higher education institution in all fields of science was done by a skilled editor - Galina Pavlovna Kargina.

Since 1971 to the present time editing of collections of scientific works, monographs is done by the member of the Union of Journalists of Russia - Lidiya Konstantinovna  Sheremetieva. In  late eighties, after audit of the Ministry of Public Education of RSFSR, the publishing activity of the higher education institution was recognized as a perspective one, and Editor L.K. Sheremetieva received the Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Public Education.

When in the 80-s publishing work of higher education institutions of Russia was reorganized: some regions were determined and at the head of them there were leading higher education institutions. In our region (Yaroslavl, Bryansk, Tula, Smolensk, Kaluga, Oriol) the management of the publishing activity was entrusted to RIO of Yargospedinstitut.

Relationship wasn't formal: the unified plan of work of all higher education institutions was made,  manuscripts of the attached higher education institutions underwent careful scientific and literary editing.

A scope of work of departmental publishing houses was being narrowed on purpose during many years: it was possible to issue the editions which were  strictly ordered by the Ministry (collections of scientific works, manuals, methodical recommendations). "Falling" of restrictions made publications be more various on subject, they grew in volumes, their polygraphic processes were improved.

In 1996 scientific work of the higher education institution was headed by Mikhail Vasilievich Novikov. His ideas and organizing work promoted publishing reorganization significantly.

In  the second half of the 90-s under the supervision of the director of RIO Mikhail Sergeevich Zhikharev updating of the technical base of the publishing house was started.

From 2004 the publishing department of YSPU is headed by Sosnovtseva Stepanida Anatolyevna. Use of the new equipment, and also long-term experience of print workers Olga Vladimirovna Pervushina, Marina Valentinovna Sen, Irina Aleksandrovna Biryukova, the software engineer Victor Nikiforovich Shokhnin allowed the publishing house to move to the new level of work. Terms of release of books, magazines, brochures were considerably reduced, their polygraphic processes were improved. The colour press is produced today. Own technology of the book cover was developed and is used successfully. Today many organizations,  enterprises and city institutions make orders to publish various printed materials in YSPU publishing house. Editions on the commercial basis allow  increasing the material base of RIO.

In the second decade of the 21st century, the YSPU publishing house actually became scientific: 6 scientific journals are published, about 15 monographs, and more than 10 collections of scientific works are published annually.


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